MICE at Forest Terrace Meiji Jingu which interacts with the forest in Tokyo.

If you interact with the forest in Tokyo, a peaceful place surrounded by nature where everyone can relax, you can have a significant experience. The new Forest Terrace Meiji Jingu offers a variety of plans to satisfy the needs of a various situations, such as meetings, seminars, parties, and socials, where everyone will enjoy the natural surroundings, tradition, and delicious cuisine.

A special place and time to spend with guests surrounded by abundant nature.


Recommended Plans

A peaceful and relaxing space where you will even forget the time. No doubt this will give birth to innovative ideas and insight if you are in a clear forest.


Full lineup of equipment to meet a variety of needs.

Banquet halls of three different sizes are available for parties and MICE to meet the needs for a variety of situations. These halls are equipped with a good network environment and audiovisual systems with advanced functions. The small Shii (Chinquapin) Hall can be used by small groups and can be divided into even smaller spaces using partitions to support various needs.


Venues of three different sizes are available. These support a variety of situations, purposes, and number of people including small meetings, exhibitions, international conferences, socials, and parties.

We provide detailed service to meet the requests of our customers.


We offer an elaborate menu for a variety of venue presentations from French style full courses to Japanese cuisine and buffet style dinning.

We treat your important guests to a rich variation of dishes made with specially selected ingredients.

We propose the optimum venue and plan to meet your budget.

After listening to your needs and desires, we propose an original plan taking into consideration your budget, venue needs, number of people, and theme.


Forest Terrace Meiji Jingu Party/MICE Support Desk

Our very experienced concierge provides attentive counseling from the venue offerings to budget details to propose a MICE or party plan that meets the needs of our customers. Please feel free to consult with them.