Restaurant "Yoyogi"

Forest restaurant where you can enjoy authentic cuisine.

In addition to Japanese food, sweets, and drinks, the menu offers other delights such as seasonal dishes that you can eat while enjoying the Tokyo forest at a relaxed pace. The restaurant also takes reservations for dinners celebrating a child blessing, 3/5/7 age blessing, or coming of age ceremonies.

Sunlight and natural views pour in through the glass windows to create a bright and spacious restaurant.

The abundant nature creates a pleasant space and the skilled chefs prepare delicious meals so you can enjoy a relaxing time.

The restaurant is also used for a child blessing, eating beginnings, commemorative events such as 3/5/7 age blessing, and celebration seats with loved ones.

Enjoy a peaceful meal in the restaurant surrounded by the forest of the shrine.

A rich menu of authentic Western food, Japanese food, pasta, and sweets is waiting for you.

We also accept group bookings for companies and private groups. We have prepared a special menu exclusive to groups and we look forward to seeing you.




【Limited menu 7/2~9/1】

Hitsumabushi (Chopped Broiled Eel over Rice)



【Limited menu 7/2~9/1】

Summer Gozen



【Limited Menu 7/2~9/1】

Hawaiian Locomoko-style rice bowl



Soba Gozen

1,800 yen

Box Lunch with Tempura 1,500 yen
Box Lunch with Pork Cutlets 1,500 yen
Box Lunch with Chicken and Egg 1,300 yen
Yoyogi Udon 1,300 yen
Sashimi Gozen 1,650 yen
Ramen with Breaded Ribs of Pure Kirishima pork 1,400 yen
Beef pot Gozen 2,800 yen
Beef Stew 2,000 yen
Beef Curry and Rice 1,300 yen
Pork Loin Cutlets with Curry and Rice 1,500 yen
Beef Stew Omelet Rice 1.400 yen
Tomato Sauce Spaghetti with Seafood 1,400 yen
Mixed Breaded Seafood 1,300 yen
Fried Combo Platter  750 yen
Wakuwaku Platter  950 yen
Five Appetizer Platter 1,000 yen

* All prices are inclusive of tax.


yoyogi_17.jpgMatcha Green Tea with Meiji Jingu’s famous Kuretake Sweets
850 yen
yoyogi_07.jpgAnmitsu with Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream and Assorted Fruits
850 yen
yoyogi_03.jpgFrench Toast with Vanilla Ice Cream
950 yen
Melon Soda.jpgMelon Soda with Ice Cream
600 yen
Sweet Red Bean Soup with a rice cake 650 yen
Sweet Red Bean with rice cake balls (available in summer only) 650 yen
Today's Assorted Ice Cream 650 yen
Cake Set (with Coffee or Tea) 850 yen
Fondant au Chocolat with Vanilla Ice Cream 950 yen
Coffee (Hot/Iced) 600 yen
Café Latte (Hot/Iced) 650 yen
Cappuccino 650 yen
Espresso 600 yen
W Espresso 800 yen
Tea (Hot/Iced) 550 yen
Oolong Tea (Hot/Iced) 500 yen
Rose Hip Blend Tea 550 yen
Peppermint Tea 550 yen
Draft Beer 750 yen
Bottle Beer 750 yen
Non-Alcoholic Beer 550 yen
Omiki Ritual Sake (Hot/Cold) 650 yen
Glass Wine (Red/White) 500 yen
Bottle Wine (Red/White) 3,800 yen
Orange Juice 550 yen
Apple Juice 550 yen
Mango Grape Mixed Juice 550 yen
Cocoa (Hot/Iced) 650 yen
Coca-Cola 550 yen
Ginger Ale 550 yen
Melon Soda 550 yen
Coffee with Ice Cream 650 yen
Melon Soda with Ice Cream 600 yen
Coca-Cola with Ice Cream 600 yen

* All prices are inclusive of tax.

Shichi-go-san and Hatsu-miya-mairi Meals

yoyogi_09.jpgShichi-go-san Celebration Meal
7,500 yen
yoyogi_10.jpgKids Plate (for 3-year-olds)
1,500 yen
Children's Lunch (for 5 and 7-year olds)
3,300 yen
yoyogi_11.jpgHatsu-miya-mairi Celebration Meal
5,500 yen
yoyogi_12.jpgKuizome Meal
5,500 yen

* All prices are not inclusive of tax.

* These menus require a reservation by 3 days before the order.


■Opening hours 10:30 – Closing ( Last orders 30 minutes before closing)
* Closing time varies by month.

1-1 Yoyogi-Kamizono-cho, Shibuya, Tokyo 151-0052
Forest Terrace Meiji Jingu (formerly Meiji Jingu Bunka-kan)
Service hours: 9:30 – 18:00