A place to feel the warmth of the wood surrounded by a refreshing forest.

Based on the concept of the warmth of the forest, the "Mori no Café Restaurant" was created as a place where people can easily drop by. The inside of this store nestled in the quiet forest of Meiji Jingu features an interior design natural wood that blends with the view of the surrounding forest to create a pleasant space where you can feel the warmth of the wood.

Experience delicious food while viewing the natural surroundings at our cafés and restaurants.

A place to experience the abundance of nature surrounded by trees.

This space for feeling the warmth of the forest greenery and the wood interior makes the food even more delicious and the time more enjoyable. The restaurants and cafés in the forest allow you to experience the abundance of nature while living in the city and escape the hustle and bustle of urban life and enjoy a relaxing time.

CAFÉ"Mori no Terrace"

CAFÉ "Mori no Terrace" is located in front of the approach to the shrine from the Harajuku station. The flavor of the specially made sandwiches and sweets enjoyed at the Mori no Café nestled in clear, minus ion filled air is exceptional.

Listen to the tweeting of the songbirds on the terrace while enjoying a relaxing time.


Café"Mori no Terrace 2nd"

Café "Mori no Terrace 2nd" is located inside Forest Terrace Meiji Jingu. We are proud of our various drink menu and cakes.

In the open space of the large window glass, you can enjoy freshly baked bread and pizza made with carefully selected ingredients.



This cheerful food corner is inviting when you want to stop for a meal during a stroll. The prices are reasonable and there is a large selection of noodles and rice dishes.

The slowly stewed authentic beef curry with plentiful beef and onions added is quite popular.



A friendly restaurant in the forest. With each change in the seasons carefully selected ingredients are used to offer a special menu.

Enjoy a luxurious experience amidst the pleasant natural surroundings and dining on delicious food prepared by skilled chefs.