Making your worship a special memory.

The worship commemorative goods shop has a large selection of items that will serve as a wonderful memory to commemorate your worship. There are also many souvenirs including Meiji Jingu original commemorative goods, Japan themed sweets and commemorative goods, and sacred sake. Be sure to stop by the shop to commemorate your worship at Meiji Jingu.

The souvenir corner has a large selection of goods to commemorate your worship and to use as presents.

A place for enjoying relaxed shopping.

This gift shop of souvenirs for the family and to commemorate your stroll features a wide selection of Japanese sundries and other goods. Take time during a break from your stroll or after dining to enjoy relaxed shopping in this spacious shop.


Shop "Mori" offers a broad selection of goods, such as Japanese sundries that are the best of Japan, famous sweets, and gifts. Be sure to get some original goods that can only be purchased here to commemorate your stroll in Meiji Jingu and as souvenirs for your friends.



This shop is located in Meiji Jingu Parking Lot No.1. The convenient location of the shop is easy to access if you have forgotten to buy souvenirs and features a Japanese sundries and famous sweets that have been carefully selected by the staff.



  • Paper Fan Post Card

    You can write a message on the back of a paper fan post card and send it by standard mail. A popular item for writing to foreigners.

  • Magnets

    Cute Japanese pattern magnets with various designs including Mt. Fuji and Japanese Kokeshi dolls.

  • Key chains

    Key chain with a Japanese style motif. A popular souvenir for your friends and family.

  • Gauze Handkerchief

    A Japanese pattern handkerchief of gauze. It has good water absorbency and is characterized by a comfortable feel that draws out the original softness of cotton.

  • Zodiac Chopsticks

    Chopsticks with lucky zodiac design. For your everyday meals or for a gift to loved ones.

  • Kuretake - 6 pieces

    Japanese sweets especially made for "Meiji Shrine" by a long-established store "Seigetsudo Honten " established in Ginza for over 100 years.

  • Morino Megumi (Green Tea Leaves)

    Carefully selected tea leaves in a fine Japanese style can.

  • Bamboo Bookmark

    A bookmark made by bamboo. Craftsmen make carefully one by one.

  • Omiki Ritual Sake (180ml)

    Meiji Jingu's ritual sake "Gold Marriage" filled in a small barrel.