An unforgettable new start at a solemn forest.

Deep greenery seen through the windows. Scenic views. The large glass screen creates a unified feeling to make it seem as if venue is directly connected with the outdoor world. The design features artistic appointments throughout the venue and emphasizes the richness of the surrounding nature.

A completely new space formed by nature and Japanese tradition wrapped in modern design. Celebrate your union in the new reception hall that is more luxurious and integrated with nature than ever.

Time flows slowly and peacefully. Wedding at Meiji Jingu surrounded in love.


We offer a variety of bridle plans for couplies planning a wedding. In addition to limited time special plans, couples can choose from a variety of venues, costs, presentations, and other options to realize the wedding of their dreams.



We offer limited time special plans and a variety of other wedding plans for couplies planning a wedding. Couples can choose from a variety of venues, costs, presentations, and other options to realize the wedding of their dreams.


Experience elegant and luxurious Japanese tradition.

The banquet hall atmosphere is integrated with that of the Meiji Jingu forest. Wood is used from the ceiling to the walls to create an elegant and luxurious banquet hall. The large floor-to-ceiling windows offer a grand view of the natural surroundings and the sky creating a scenic view like a painting. The warmth of the wood creates a refreshing and relaxing harmonious feeling that is perfect for welcoming your special guests.


Forest Terrace Meiji Jingu offers three distinctive venues. The banquet hall "Keyaki (Zelkova)" offers a high-class open space and the warmth of the wood interior décor while the banquet hall "Kusu (Camphor)" features impressive dynamic corner windows. The banquet hall "Shii (Chinquapin)" provides a sense of privacy.

We provide the best reception hall to match the desires of the couple and their parents as well as the number of guests.


There are dedicated chefs for each type of cuisine, such as French, Japanese, and desserts, who carefully prepare each dish by hand. The many fine dishes prepared by the chefs are made with the spirit of hospitality for your important guests.

We provide whole-hearted support for your unforgettable greatest moment.

So that this will be a great day of happiness for you and your special guests. We provide whole-hearted support to ensure your wedding is wonderful at the time and remains unforgettable thereafter.


Forest Terrace Meiji Jingu Concierge Desk

Our very experienced concierge provides attentive counseling from the venue offerings to budget details to propose the optimum wedding or party plan to our customers. Please feel free to consult with them.