Rest from your stroll at this food corner.

This new cheerful food court provides convenient café time from the morning. The welcoming space is a great place to enjoy noodles and rice dishes selected from a broad menu.

The wooden tables and chairs create a cheerful, open food corner where you can easily enjoy light meals and drinks. Spend a pleasant time with your family and friends in the café restaurant atmosphere.

Convenient snacks and take-out dishes are also available for people taking strolls.

Enjoy a variety of dishes at the food corner including buckwheat noodles, udon noodles, ramen, and curry rice.

Be sure the try the authentic dishes, such as the "Shrimp Tempra noodles" made from specially selected buckwheat flour, and the "Beef curry rice" made with slowly stewed beef and onions.



nodlerice_02.jpgShrimp Tempra Soba / Udon
1,000 yen
nodlerice_03.jpgSoba / Udon with Mountain Vegetables
800 yen
nodlerice_04.jpgSoy Sauce Ramen
800 yen
nodlerice_06.jpgBeef Curry and Rice
500 yen~950 yen
Soba / Udon in Broth 750 yen
Soba / Udon in Broth Topped with Deep-Fried Tofu 800 yen
Soba / Udon Topped with Seafood Tempura Fritter 900 yen
Yakisoba Fried Noodles 750 yen
Ramen with Soft-Boiled Egg 900 yen
Rice Bowl with Seafood Tempura Fritter 850 yen
Charcoal Grilled Chicken Bowl 850 yen
Fried Chicken 400 yen
Shake Shake Fries (Soy Sauce and Butter / Seaweed & Salt / Consommé )

400 yen


Omiki Ritual Sake 450 yen
Draft Beer 550 yen
roasted green tea 300 yen
Oolong Tea 350 yen
Green Tea with Matcha 300 yen
Coca-Cola 350 yen

* All prices are inclusive of tax.


■Opening hours 10:00 – Gate Closing time ( Last orders 30 minutes before closing)

* Gate Closing time varies by month.

1-1 Yoyogi-Kamizono-cho, Shibuya, Tokyo 151-0052
Forest Terrace Meiji Jingu (formerly Meiji Jingu Bunka-kan)
Service hours: 9:00 – 18:00