About Forest Terrace Meiji Jingu


Forest Terrace Meiji Jingu located in a solemn forest.

Nestled in the Meiji Jingu forest, the Meiji Jingu Cultural Hall has blessed the new beginnings of many families over a very long time. This fall it was reborn as Forest Terrace Meiji Jingu.

Approximately a hundred years ago the Meiji Jingu forest was built to be a forest that would continue in this location forever. The tradition and standing of the Meiji Jingu Shrine is enshrined in this solemn forest. Celebrate your eternal happiness in this unique location. Make your special experience an unforgettable life-long memory for yourselves and your guests.

Forest Terrace Wedding

The peaceful and relaxing atmosphere like being in the middle of the forest. Enjoy a garden wedding of your dreams where your guests will naturally relax and enjoy themselves.

The scene of both of your exchanging your vows surrounded by nature will be like a beautiful painting. This blessing of your vows of love will deeply move your guests.

Your vows of eternal love will also be blessed by the sun and the wind to create a wedding scene like that in the movies that will remain deeply etched in the hearts of your guests.



Forest Terrace Meiji Jingu offers plans to satisfy the needs of a variety of situations including MICE, seminars, and parties. The venues can be freely laid out. The audiovisual equipment can also be used for parties.

Choose from a variety of meal plans including stand-up and seated styles, buffets, and course meals.


Restauranst & Cafés

Our full offering of food services include restaurants, cafes, and a food corner. Our restaurants offer authentic cuisine prepared by chefs using specially selected ingredients, so stop by for a meal after worshipping at Meiji Jingu or for a rest during a stroll.。



Choose from a wide selection of souvenirs not available elsewhere including Meiji Jingu original commemorative goods, Japan-themed sweets and commemorative goods, and sacred sake.

Souvenirs are arranged according to theme and displayed to make selecting them more fun. Enjoy leisurely shopping after dining or resting. Be sure to take something home to commemorate your visit to Meiji Jingu.