The urban forest is surprisingly close at hand.

Forest Terrace Meiji Jingu is surrounded by abundant nature while being in the center of the city and is very accessible being just a short walk from Harajuku Station, Meiji Jingu-mae (Harajuku Station), Yoyogi Station, Kitasando Station, and Sangubashi Station.

Gate Opening / Closing Time

  Gate Opening Gate Closing
January 6:40 16:20
February 6:20 16:50
March 5:40 17:20
April 5:10 17:50
May 5:00 18:10
June 5:00 18:30
  Gate Opening Gate Closing
July 5:00 18:20
August 5:00 18:00
September 5:20 17:20
October 5:40 16:40
November 6:10 16:10
December 6:40 16:00

By Train

You can access Forest Terrace Meiji Jingu from either North Shrine Gate, South Shrine Gate or West Shrine Gate of Meiji Jingu Shrine. The nearest entrance is South Shrine Gate.

● To North Shrine Gate
Please use West Exit of "Yoyogi Station" - JR Chuo Line, Sobu Line or Yamanote Line.
Please use A1 or A2 Exit of "Yoyogi Station" - E (Oedo) Line.
Please use Exit 1 of Kitasando Station - F (Fukutoshin) Line.

● To South Shrine Gate
Please use Omotesando Exit of "Harajuku Station" - JR Yamanote Line.
Please use Exit 2 of "Meiji-jingumae Station" - C (Chiyoda) Line.

● To West Shrine Gate
Please use Sangubashi Station - Odakyu Line.

By Car

Please access from either North Shrine Gate or South Shrine Gate. You cannot access from West Shrine Gate by car. Please make sure to stop the car at the entrance and inform a guard that you are visiting Forest Terrace Meiji Jingu. A guard will inform you where you can park your car. Please also make sure not to exceed the posted speed limit inside Meiji Jingu shrine.