Meiji Jingu "Tohrinsoh" stands next to every scenes of life


Tohrinsoh was the palace of Prince Takenomiya Yukihito, the second son of Emperor Meiji.
In 1881, it was granted to the Ichijo Family, the birth family of Empress Dowager Shoken, and after being administrated for a time by the government, in 1959 it was received by Meiji Jingu as a building dedicated to the shrine deity, relocated to the Meiji Kinenkan, and named Tohrinsoh.
In 1978 it was relocated to a corner of the Hagi Castle Garden within the Sanctuary of the lush Meiji Jingu to be preserved as a monument.

On July 28, 2003, it was selected as a Tokyo Metropolitan Historic Building as "a building with historic value that was constructed more than 50 years ago and that is important for its appearance."

"Tohrinsoh" will stand next to various scenes such as wedding reception, dinner party, tea ceremony and MICE.

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