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Meiji Jingu Forest Art Festival


At the "Meiji Jingu Forest Art Festival" currently being held at Meiji Jingu Shrine, Japan Airlines will be working on regional revitalization with the new JAPAN PROJECT.
Events for tourism promotion and local industry support will be held.

Local governments nationwide will exhibit local attractions, product sales, and mini-experiences of traditional culture.
This event will be held as one of the "Japan Expo" projects, including beautiful Japan, art, performing arts, and reconstruction of the disaster area.
The purpose is to convey the appeal of Japanese culture.

Please come visit us and experience the charm of the area. According to the participating regions of the new JAPAN PROJECT kitchen cars where you can enjoy food from the Tohoku, Chugoku, and Shikoku regions will also be available.
Enjoy food from all over Japan along with the product exhibition ♪

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