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Traditional Japanese crafts from Edo period

"Yosegi Zaiku" is a Japanese parquet familiar as traditional crafts.This is a woodwork craft that beautifully combines various types of wood.

Souvenirs shop "Mori" at Meiji Jingu shrine sells many crafts such as marquetry accessories, photo frames and netsuke made in Hakone.
Why don't you take a photo at Meiji Jingu shrine in a parquet photo frame, as a gift for your loved one or yourself?


◆Yosegi Netsuke: 1 piece ¥ 600 (tax included)
◆Yosegi parent and child netsuke: 1 piece ¥ 1,030 (tax included)
◆Yosegi Recollection: 1 piece ¥ 2,600 (tax included)
◆Yosegi Pendant: 1 piece ¥ 2,380 (tax included)