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Announcement of restaurant "Yoyogi" limited menus coming soon♪

The rainy season has entered in earnest, and a rainy day continues, but how is everyone doing?

A limited-time menu for summer will soon appear in the restaurant "Yoyogi"!

< Limited edition menus >

・ "Yoyogi" restaurant's "Hitsumabushi"(Chopped Broiled Eel over Rice), familiar as a Japanese summer menu.

・ Season set menu "Summer Gozen".

・ "Hawaian locomoko-style rice ball" using 100% homemade hamburger.

・ "Peach Jelly Parfait" topped with fresh peach pulp and fresh peach flavored sweet jelly.

Please drop in at the restaurant Yoyogi after your visit to Meiji Jingu Shrine.

◆Hitsumabushi (Chopped Broiled Eel over Rice)


◆Offering period:7/2~9/1,2019


◆Summer Gozen


◆Offering period: 7/2~9/1,2019


◆Hawaiian locomoko-style rice bowl


◆Offering period: 7/2~9/1,2019


◆Peach Jelly Parfait


◆Offering period: 7/1~8/31,2019


◆ Open time: 11:00 to Gate closing time

※ The closing time varies depending on the month.

◆ Reservation / Contact: FOREST TERRACE Meiji Jingu 03-3379-9222 (Representative)