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Limited time menu "Iris set menu meal" and "Roast beef sandwich" will appear at Restaurant "Yoyogi"!

Iris flowers in the Meiji Jingu shrine will be in full bloom in the middle of June.

We are looking forward to serving you with a set menu inspired by the flower arrangement at restaurant "Yoyogi".

The color that looks cool is reminiscent of iris flowers blooming in the water which add more color to your vacation memories.

Please enjoy the "seasonal menu" with abundant products by all means.

● Iris set menu meal

◆ Price: 2,300 yen (tax included)

◆ Offering period: May 25,2019~June 23,2019


Great authentic roast beef sandwich using Australian beef in luxury is coming now!

Cocktail sauce and wasabi mayonnaise is boosting the taste of vegetables and beef

This is limited menu, so order early.

● Roast beef sandwich

◆ Price: 1,700 yen (tax included)

◆ Offer period: May 25,2019~June 23,2019


◆ Offering time: 11:00 to Gate closing time (last order 30 minutes before closing time)

※ The gate closing time varies depending on month.

◆ Reservation ,Contact: FOREST TERRACE Meiji Jingu: 03-3379-9222