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Dumplings rather than flowers! Fun to watch♪Tastes delicious♪This spring's new Japanese sweets now on sale!


Sweets tell us the arrival of spring!

"Hanami Dango (cherry-blossom viewing dumplings)" 100 yen (tax included)

Three colors dumplings, the peach color means a cherry blossom, the spring breath, the white means spring haze, the winter remains, the green means the fresh green to express the sign of the summer.

"Sakuramochi (cherry-blossom rice cake)" 200 yen (tax included)

"Uguisu Mochi(green rice cake)" 200 yen (tax included)

We use plenty of sweet red beans from Hokkaido Tokachi selected carefully, take advantage of the goodness of the beans themselves, so it is easy even if you're not a sweet tooth.

The elegant sweetness will spread all over your mouth if you taste them.

When visiting Meiji Jingu Shrine, please enjoy the new spring sweets at the Forest Terrace Meiji Jingu!