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About Meiji Jingu

About Meiji Jingu Access

Shinto Wedding at Meiji Jingu

Meiji Jingu is about 700,000 m2 in area. Surrounded by vast green forests that are forever unchanging, a Shinto priest leads the procession of the bride and groom followed by their relatives and other important people in their lives. The bride with cheeks colored in vermillion walks with her mother holding onto her hand. This sight is an unforgettable scene of a beautiful Japanese wedding ceremony.

The ceremony is conducted solemnly at Hosaiden. The bride and groom vow before the deities that they will help each other and contribute to society over the course of their long lives. Shinto music featuring singing, koto, and kagura flute is performed.
Hosaiden consists of right and left halls, each accommodating about 40 people.


Sample wedding menu at Meiji Jingu Bunkakan

Wedding Menu of Meiji Jingu Bunkakan

Meiji Jingu Bunkakan enlivens your wedding by offering a celebratory menu that harmonizes the extravagance of Japanese cuisine, the pinnacle of skill and craftsmanship, and French cuisine, an art of food. It is Bunkakan’s original cuisine featuring the best seasonal ingredients.

Sample wedding menu at Meiji Jingu Tohrinso

Wedding Menu of Meiji Jingu Tohrinso

Tohrinso serves Japanese wedding cuisine that is available only here. Each dish is meticulously made with sophisticated and outstanding skill, using carefully chosen seasonal ingredients.

Access and Map

Meiji Jingu Bunkakan is accessible from the North, South, and West Gates.
The South Gate is closest to Meiji Jingu Bunkakan. Click here for details

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